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30 Day Scalar Energy Therapy Session

Posted on May 05 2013

Note I am not making any money from this but wanted to recommend a program that I feel helps. I encourage you to try it for at least 3 months. – James Rink

30 Day Scalar Energy Therapy Session with Emotional Clearing

30 Day Scalar Energy Therapy Session with Emotional Clearing

We have partnered with Tom Paladino of to offer a 30 Day Program of Scalar Energy Treatments, plus emotional release on two major health or emotional issues.   We are doing this as a group at a special price of $35 per person.

The 30 Day Program of Scalar Energy Treatments Consist of:

Twelve (12) pathogenic cleansing sessions with scalar energy that disassembles over 5,000 species of bacteria, fungi, protozoan and viruses.

Twelve (12) nutrient therapy, sessions with scalar energy that assembles vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants inside the body that are essential for optimal health.

Twelve (12) chakra alignment sessions with scalar energy that balance and harmonize the seven (7) chakras of the human body. The 30-day program includes a total of thirty-six (36) scalar energy treatments.

Plus Emotional Release on two health or emotional issues.  Old emotional wounds can actually create physical health issues, or at least create a weakness in the body where the emotional wound has planted itself.   By releasing these old traumas, the body can heal itself much faster.   If you don’t address your old emotional baggage, health issues will continue to creep back.

All we need from you is a photograph and the two health or emotional issues you would like to have emotional release therapy on.

The emotional release therapy is being offered by Sue Mount of Perfect Waters.  This therapy is done remotely.  It does not require any input from you other than the 2 health issues you would like to address.   We will provide a list of the emotions cleared, along with the approximate time they came into your life.  It is quick and easy.  You will be contacted by email about the issues you would like to address.  If you would like a complete one hour session of emotional release, see our page on it.

We highly recommend continuing these sessions on a monthly basis.   Many people feel better right away, others may need further sessions.  We are being bombarded with toxins every day, along with being impacted by daily stress.   What a relief that you can simply be assured that your health is being addressed throughout the month!

For more information on Tom Paladino, and his work in scalar research, go to and

To begin treatments click here…..


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