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By James Rink on 2012-09-06

Posted on September 05 2012

I am looking for three possible angel buyers to purchase the IDL80 Gate Key or one Gate Key Triad within the next 30 days.

The Gate Key IDL80 brings a large amount of Chi energy into your body during meditation and can quickly alter energies in your life.

The way manifestation works is the more energy you put into something the faster it manifests. Sure we can just close our eyes, pray and ask the lord to fix our messes. And things may move slowly along but ultimately you get what you put into it. If you are of a low vibration, treating others with ugliness, in poor health, and not really following a spiritual path; then a simple prayer without much intent behind it will yield you likewise results. Like attracts Like.

But if you’re of a high vibration, eating foods that don’t shut down your pineal gland, working with chi energy on a regular basis such as yoga, tai chi, or meditation, and following the golden rule which is to love one another. Then when you ask your god self to manifest your desires it comes about in synchronistic ways.

The Gate Key IDL80 is based on sacred geometry which is a universal divine energy that flows all throughout nature. If we can tap into this frequency, then we can bring our body in alignment with god and all of its unlimited potential.

The reason why I am looking for three Gate Key IDL80 sales is because there is a tool I am trying to get built to manufacture the smaller lower cost units. When we first started this company the 4”x4″ Zenmaster IDL-8 cube used to cost $450 dollars. Over the past 2 years I have been trying to increase quality while bringing the cost down for our customers who don’t have a lot of money.

The problem is making these units is extremely labor intensive. We are a small company and all the units are hand made by me, James Rink. In order to build the 4″x4″ cube I have expose myself to chemicals vapors which because of my severe allergies makes me sick with flu like symptoms for weeks on end even if I wear protection equipment.

I am running out of my last batch of IDL-8 Orcas, Zenmasters IDL-22, and Gate Key IDL-22. Once these sell out I am not going to make any more units risking my health until I can raise money to get them made in a factory using more advanced methods. This will result in not only a better quality cube but also a lower cost cube.

I been patiently sitting on this project since August 2011 and cannot move forward until I am able to raise $6000. Though it seems all my costs have always seem to synchronisticly manifest themselves, this project does not seem to be able to get off the ground. Many people assume we are making a ton of money because of the high prices. The truth is due to the complex nature of the units they are extremely labor intensive and because we are a small company we cannot afford to setup offshore operations at a price affordable to our customers. Very few people support the work we do financially. There have been over 110,000 views for our neo meditations and of that only 200 people have actually bought a unit. Despite this somehow the financing and the resources we need always seem to manifest when they are needed. But without this funding I will be forced to discontinue selling the smaller cubes and only the people who can afford to spend $800 or more will have access to this technology. I don’t want to see this to happen.

I want to continue offering free neo meditations and affordable Neo meditation cubes but I need your help. So please if you can support the work we are doing here please visit our website at and get your unit now.

James Rink


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