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Clearing Auras

Posted on December 09 2013

Hello James, I recently bought a Neo from you and was wondering if the Neo can help clear the aura, remove karma from past lives and from my family’s heritage and remove the Jehovian seals and cell death programs from an individual with consistent use?
Namaste – R.

R. the neo is a star gate , you have one in your heart , and one in your pineal gland , and now you have another with your neocube. So next time you meditate ask that your heart star gate, pineal gland star gate, and neo device to all activate together and move you into another timeline where you are no longer effected by any past like karma from your families heritage along with any seals and death programs. Additionally tell or visualize within your star gates what you want instead. Don’t ask or beg simply believe it and know it and it is so.  


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