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First Return Ever

Posted on September 05 2012

Well today was the first time ever a client returned a unit. I been in business for over 2 years and never had this happen before. Apparently the individual didn’t feel anything even though on the website and manual it states it can take up to 10 (1 hour) sessions before you can feel anything, and if you don’t that means your pineal gland is calcified and it could take 30 hours of meditation to open it up.

For the record it takes years to develop psychic abilities even with a Neo Device. Buddhist monks can spend upwards of 30 years or more trying to obtain enlightenment and for someone to give up after one week is pretty ridiculous really. Now i got to throw out or give their unit away as i cant sell it as new anymore. Folks meditation is a life long skill its should come natural like eating and exercising. If you want a quick fix go call a psychic hotline or get yourself a guru to solve your problems. 

James Rink


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