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Just gotta have a Neo cube!

Posted on March 01 2013

Hi James I still love my neocube. *sigh* Got totally derailed at the holiday time and quit any kind of meditation… bad habit of delaying gratification to the point of nullification  (have to work on that) Anyway, picked it up again last week and used it with a Paul Santiti (sp?) meditation my friend sent to me. Oh dear… super charged something. Then had a hypnotherapy session this past Saturday (no neo) to continue to work on keeping my head in my career game. Again, supercharged something. Had to pull back for a few days, I felt so completely looped for several days. Anyway… I have a question: it seems like I’m going deeper faster, and my arms started to vibrate during meditation. Yesterday it was my legs and arms. Feels freaky but good. Don’t want to hurt myself (LOL). Wait. That wasn’t a question. *sigh* Hm… guess I’m not ready for the question because I can’t think of it. Regardless, thank you for the meditations and for your work.

As far as I can tell the pulsations are becoming more intense. Even when I meditate without the physical neo. But twice as strong with it. Expanding into an ever widening field. The physical trembling is new as of last week.

I have been sleeping pretty soundly as of late. The best thing is that the ‘law of attraction’ kicks in and my day goes better and smooth as silk at work. And at my job, there are a hundred things that could go wrong in an hour, so it has enriched my life, this meditation.

Hey, maybe in a hundred years everybody will have a neo cube. Just like tv’s and cell phones and microwaves. Just gotta have a neo cube!


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