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Makes Shit Happen

Posted on April 14 2013

Julia swancy for instance needs to experience benevolence. Man I love your product, makes shit happen hahaha XD. I can only hope the same for you. Do you know how much this thing makes me laugh Lol? But i wanna show ppl the cube in a way they have to get one. Heath hightower too Lol.
Now I know why your not supposed to touch it while using it. Thats the part of consciousness i broke down. Its just our skins memory is impure and tainted with detonated static energies.
Impressed with how infinitely condusive this thing can be from limited perspective.

That’s why there’s so much interest in this Lol. Where i decided i was an equal universe to everything, so did the neo.

Cooool coool im psyched Lol XD . Man this thing is cool it wants to be my buddy Lol. And reminded me to tell you an interesting therapy of mine. So pick a random drawer in your dwelling and fill it with whatever photos or sentiments you have ever been given, of course you can use different drawers for different timelines. And then put a bunch of crystals or even a neo cube. Its been one of those things that randomly helps me clear a bunch of energy.
Man this thing is awesome its sitting touching my thigh or around the corner in another room actively observing me observe it bahaha. So if i am to parade around with this neo cube, i wonder what my friends demos will include. Your correct that its much more powerful alone… Damn i just wanna be a cube hahahaha.
not like a trap but because they might not even know how much they really need one Lol. I cant compare it to any crystals i have Lol.


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