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Testimonial – IDL13 Skullem

Posted on June 06 2016

I have two cubes, IDL 13 Skullem, and IDL 22. I meditate 1 hour a day,  with the Neo’s on an off . The Neo’s do manifest quickly for the little meditation that I did. I did the 8 minute lottery video that James has and yes I did win the lottery which was $2.00.

I have never had any success with manifesting so fast with the Neo cubes. I did win the lottery I definitely could win the big jackpot one day but there was more to meditating with the lottery cd than just winning it brings me to a very relaxing state and makes me feel wonderful.

I have so much PTSD and blockages that I didn’t continue consistantely but I am working on it. And I had to write to you, your experiences were just right for me to read at this moment and to forgo the anxiety outside of myself and go within, it so difficult with so much distractions.


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