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Testimonial – Self Trusting and Loving

Posted on July 14 2016

I feel slight pulsation in my palm with my meditation device. Im still seeing gradual changes- Like me thinking of paper plates and crushed peppers. I needed to go get paper plates and crushed red peppers. So my boyfriend mistakenly order pizza from the wrong place-I was so upset but to my surprise the pizza was DELICIOUS!!!!!!! and guess what they gave him w/ the pizza… You betcha -A bunch of paper plates and a container filled with crushed red peppers- lol YESSS!

Im speaking up and defending my self like never before. I find my self trusting and loving the NEO cube. I feel like God In the Box wants the best for me. I’m so eager to meditate and I find that it doesn’t take as long to reach euphoria now I have the NEO. I really spill out my heart and being honest as I can be w/ the cube.

I thank you so much – I’m growing, expanding and learning to trust. I will keep in touch-

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