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13 Large Crystal Skull Set with Apocrypha Manifestation Chest



What you Get:

1 - Apocrypha Manifestation Chest 13" x 9" x 9"
13 - Large Crystal Skulls Set
1 - Orgone Matrix Lapis Charger Plate
1 - Instruction Guide

Apocrypha Manifestation Chest large

Store all your sacred and magical treasures inside this reliquary. Your Apocrypha Manifestation Chest is designed to hold your 13 large crystal skull set which is included with the price of this order. The chest contains a charger plate made from copper, gans, and Lapis lazuli stones set in organic orgone matrix at the bottom which is meant to increase your clairvoyance when combined with your own quartz crystals or this 13 crystal skull set.

Inside the chest we suggest you also insert a sheet of paper containing pictures or symbols of your desired manifestations and or grabovoi numbers. You can also mediate with the chest by placing it between your palms and activating the crystal skull set by simply following the provided instructional guide. Because this device is a consciousness generator the effects created is dependent on the psychic ability and intent of the operator. It is the operators responsibility to be of positive mind and intention when playing around with consciousness technology as the device manifests more of who you are. It is also conscious and just like people , needs to be respected for it to function properly. Thirty percent of all people are not energy sensitive and may not feel or manifest anything until the DNA begins to relax and unwind after many hours of meditation usage.

Quartz Crystal Skull

Clear Quartz is a powerful all-purpose stone that amplifies thought, energy and intention by raising our vibration and consciousness. Clear Quartz acts like a radio receiver to enhance intuition and clear guidance, opening the crown chakra to connect with divine guides. Quartz is a powerful magnifier, which makes it a great stone for working with the Law of Attraction by amplifying your intentions for receiving or projecting healing, abundance, insight, intuitive guidance, and for connecting with other dimensional planes of experience. When a Crystal is carved into a skull its unique shape can concentrate Kozyrev’s time energy in which consciousnesses effects time density, in other words editing timelines. These skulls have been energy treated with our clairvoyance activator to light activate your 13 crystal skulls and awaken your soul to new levels of clairvoyance and remote viewing. Meditating with the Skullem will assist your path to longevity, charisma, great wealth, and abundance.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis is a stone of total awareness, allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of ones nature. It awakens the realization of ones connection to their perfect self. Lapis is also a stone of mental activity and acuity; of wisdom and self awareness. One may also help the user find a deeper connection with the celestial plane and mystical realms .Each ounce of quartz and lapis projects energy 10 miles in diameter.

What is Gans?
Aging is caused by a decrease of hydrogen molecules in the DNA replication process. DNA replication uses holographic templates found within our astral or etheric body. Over time stress, low frequency food and water, negative emotions, and toxins can cause our original holographic blueprint to degrade in clarity. Plasmatic matter is a state of matter that is most closely related to source energy. Because it is not totally in this physical dimension and because it contains a form of loving god consciousness it can utilize laws of quantum entanglement to restore matter to its highest form and manifest our highest intentions. The gans in this elixir contains vibrational essence of 24kt gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron. 96% of our body contains these same elements. By placing these plasmatic elements near or in our physical tissues it can help retune the body back into its perfect created form so that our DNA can re-uptake the proper amount of hydrogen molecules and return us back to a youthful form. Additionally when we eat food 80% of the energy absorbed through food is in a plasmatic state, this is why we are to pray over our food by blessing it with love energy which increases its plasmatic vibration. We encourage users to also bless their elixir before use by expressing the love we will feel to the universe as we visualize our body in a younger state. With the introduction of plasmatic gans back into our diet you may notice a reduction in appetite, restoration of healthy emotional states, and enhanced psychic abilities thanks to the reconstruction of hydrogen bonds within our dormant DNA.
User manual included. Please allow two weeks for the construction of this device. Weighs approximately 14 pounds.

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