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Digital Download - Quantum Grid Prime Radionic Plate




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Quantum Grid Prime

What happens when you combined the most powerful sacred geometry and an advanced Radionics Control plate, psychotronic orgone grid power source that is combined with a virtual power amplification device which is connected to psionic amplifiers that run in parallel through a dimensional vortex. The vortex is controlled by a of group magical ancient mind machines and focused through an array of psionic antennas.


You get the Quantum Grid Prime Plus 3.0!!!


Manifest your desires and use the secret of the law of attraction to your advantage. The secret is directing life force and the key is genuine to hacking your reality.


BioGeometry is a modern form of alchemy based on subtle energy interactions of geometrical shapes. In Bio-geometry, a pyramid shape is energized and emanate a carrier waved of energy. Sacred geometry configuration produces and amplifies that energy. This is why my energy images devices are made using sacred geometry.


Quantum Grid Prime Plus 3.0 was designed from the ground up to be the most powerful psionic energy core available. The quantum equation used to program this energy core has now extended to over 80 pages long. The extreme complexity of this technology is quite staggering. What would have taken me years to create I am able to produce within 10 months. Having a powerful Qi source is the key to faster more accurate and focus manifestations inside of this holographic universe.


In this package, I have also taken the original quantum grid formula and ran it through the 2019 quantum equation algorithm. So, you will receive two unique and very powerful Radionics plates. I have also included a third plate that contains pure life force G energy that is designed to be the purest ever produced on this planet. The three images can be printed out and stacked together or you can use the trinity power plate which is provided for you in the pro version system.


This is the most powerful Quantum energy image I have ever created. Use it with your radionic software, radionics box, or as a stand-alone device. The Quantum Grid Prime Plus will elevate your Radionic operations to near God levels. Quantum Grid Prime Plus is an excellent healing tool that works in all areas of your body. Print out the image and place it underneath your radionic device so that you can increase the power output to mega power output. If you place a candle on the image and focus on your intent, you can send the energy of the image to any place on the planet. You can also put a sigil and a picture of your target onto the center of the image and energy will instantly be transmitted to that target.


I have included the Quantum plate where you can place a copy of the image onto the Quantum plate alongside a sigil and energy will be sent to the target.


Quantum Grid Prime Plus is designed to protect you on an energetic and physical level. It includes all of my spiritual shielding technology. Quantum Grid Prime Plus is able to blast through energetic blocks faster than anything else on the market. It protects against all things dark and evil. Use this protection spell to protect yourself from demons, vampires, aliens and anything else that goes bump in the night.


What's New:


Over 3000% more power than Quantum Grid Prime plus

More powerful Radionics amplification

Multiple sigil amplification

Ability to operate on multiple targets

Faster manifestations

Advanced Radionics control plate

Includes video caster:

Video Radionics a Broadcaster Works with standard Radionic rate book

Video caster allows you to work on eight Radionics operation simultaneously

Pro version includes:

Alchemist Shield Pro (Powered by Quantum Grid Prime plus 3.0)

Cloak of invisibility (Powered by Quantum Grid Prime plus 3.0)




Quantum Grid Prime plus


“Just as you think Moonshadow's products cannot get any stronger or more powerful, he releases his latest iteration of Quantum Grid - Quantum Grid Prime. This beast of an image draws you in from the moment you open it up on your screen. The vortex of power beams with so much energy that you almost feel transported to a completely different dimension where you are surrounded by raw power and manifestation energy. The energy is a perfect balance between a raging fire on the one hand and on the other, a cool, calming and grounding energy that brings forth your dreams, hopes, and desires. Quantum Grid Prime both literally and figuratively takes the stress out of radionics and magic.


Set the Talisman as your desktop wallpaper and open any sigil, energy image or paper radionics caster and you will find the energy beaming off your screen filling the whole room with that energy.


When used with Xtrememind’ s ultrasonic software, your body and aura are filled with golden light boosting operations by at least 200%. With EasyRAD, your heart center and 3rd eye are filled with so much white etheric energy that you only need to run it for a few minutes to complete an operation.


The best thing about Quantum Grid Prime is that it comes with its own paper caster that takes all the fuss out of radionics whether it is in print or your pc or mobile phone. One of the biggest problems I have with paper radionics or software radionics is that I have to keep digging out my trend card, chi image or sigils and things can get out of control sometimes. Remembering where you saved a file, digging through all those sigils and trend cards that at some point start looking the same when you are in a rush, trying to place an obscurely shaped image in a trend box that keeps falling off no matter what weight you use, concealing your operations from family and friends - these were all problems I have faced that at times put me off using any of the radionics tools I have in my possession.


Moonshadow has clearly put a lot of effort in addressing these issues with the caster that comes with Quantum Grid Prime. It is a very intuitive caster that connects with the user from the outset and works completely through visualization.


You have 2 target boxes where you place your finger and imagine the person, place or object you are targeting. There are 5 boxes for you to select the sigils you wish to broadcast. Again, this is done through visualization. No need to photoshop or place the images on the caster. It will work if you desire to do either of those things but if you know what you want to broadcast it will work by visualization alone. If you are working with a sigil for the 1st time, open it up, point to it and then point in the sigil box and it works every time. I have really put it through its paces and it has not failed to work with a sigil even once. You then set the duration of the casting and the power level you desire and observe the magic working.


Charging water or preparing a talisman is really easy with the Quantum Grid Prime Caster. I have a collection of non-charged talismans for various purposes that I have been trying for some time to use effectively with radionics products. Normally these talismans are prepared with consecrated ink, ritually empowered for some time, dissolved in water and used for various purposes such as drinking for healing, clearing your home or purification baths, etc. I have tried them with different software and paper radionics products including previous iterations of Quantum Grid and I have never been satisfied with the results. This is no longer the case with Quantum Grid Prime.


Going back to the example of the home clearing talisman, when used with my home as the target, it worked exactly like the original consecration and ritual process without having to do all of the work. Further, to my surprise, I did not have to clean my house as often as usual because the energy/thoughtform was continuing to work long after the original test operation and in fact, it started to work at a much deeper level. I have been using this talisman for years, and the energy has always worked around the crown area of everyone in the home. Now it was beginning to clear the heart chakra and throat chakra and there is now a lot more peace in the home and a massive reduction in tension and fights. I then tried charging water for 20 min at 100% with the same talisman and it was beaming with white light. After spraying the home, the walls were also beaming with white light. For days after, whoever would walk past my home, their eyes would be fixated on the house and they would be distracted from whatever they were doing to see what is different from the house.


I tried the same with some general healing talismans and when used on a target, they would work exactly as the original handwritten and ritually prepared talismans would work. I then charged water for 20 min and the energy was so concentrated that we had to start diluting the water. Whoever drank the charged water would start feeling drowsy and reported that they felt their muscles were melting. I had been suffering for years from constant inflammation in my liver/gallbladder area and Dr's were unable to figure out what was wrong. After 2 days of using the water, the pain has reduced by 75% and after 2 weeks the pain has not worsened at all and is, in fact, reducing at its own natural rate.


I also tried to use Dreamweaver's sigils for clearing, restoring and strengthening the organs. Each sigil normally takes an hour to work and as a baseline, I activated all 3 sigils in one day in the normal way for 3 days in the space of a week. My organs were feeling tight and worked out and a lot clearer. I waited around a week which is when things started to feel normal again and I tried all three sigils on the Quantum Grid Prime Caster at the same time for an hour and it felt like I had done a month's worth of energy work in an hour. The White etheric light was emanating from my organs for around a week after this. There was very little tightness in my organs and a friend who is energy sensitive actually touched my belly area telling how much light and energy they could see emanating from my organs!


Following the progress I had been making, clearly, somebody was not happy and they were projecting astral bombs at me for hours. I was away from home at the time and I felt like I was going to collapse. I rushed home as quickly as I could to find that my mum had also fallen ill and that she was also under attack. I fired up Shield of the Infinite Creator and Protection from Dark Magic 3.0 with their own casters to protect the both of us but after an hour things didn't improve. I decided to use Quantum Grid Prime and after 20 min our shields were up and the attacks started to be neutralized.

I rushed my mother to the doctor who discovered that her BP was 242/144. He could not understand how she was still walking and did not have a stroke. I was confident that had it not been for the shields she would have been in a critical situation. He then called an ambulance and she was admitted into the hospital where for days Dr's were trying to lower her blood pressure but it would shoot back up again. After a few days, I got frustrated and tried some talismans for high blood pressure that in the past really didn't work very well. I charged the water using Quantum Grid Prime and gave her a small sip of the water. After 10 min she fell asleep and 3-4 hours later her BP was completely normal and she was discharged the following morning.


I have had other successes with the Quantum Grid Prime Caster but these are the major ones at the moment. Generally speaking though, it works really well with most reiki attunements. I have struggled with attunements with multiple activations but if it is a straightforward activation you will find a lot of power-boosting the attunement. If you imagine a solfeggio, binaural/ isochronic or rife frequency that works really well also.




Quantum Grid Prime comes with a more powerful video caster that is supported by 8 servitors programmed with a vast catalog of frequencies. I have not really been able to make much use of it as yet as the main caster works so well. The few rates that I have experimented with and I like the most are from the affirmations section as they work really well.


It also comes bundled with the Golden Lion Talisman which is actually a real gem. I used it on its own to charge myself up, some water and a ring. It fills your body with a beautiful golden energy that increases confidence and gives you solutions to problems like you would never imagine. In fact, I would attribute some of the ideas for the successes I have discussed above to the use of this Talisman. More importantly, I had made a lousy decision to do something that at the last minute I felt the energy from my charged ring dissuading me from doing it. I later learned that I was saved from walking into a major legal trap.


I tried Golden Lion Talisman with the Quantum Grid Prime Caster for around an hour and then went to bed. I had a really intense OBE where I could see higher dimensional beings discussing various conflicts around the world and one of them turned to me and asked if I understood what they were discussing and then I snapped out of it really hard.


I now use Golden Lion Talisman with the Quantum Grid Prime Caster for around 5/10 minutes with certain angelic seals before I begin an operation in order to help protect during the operation or to advise and guide me as to what I should do.


As a further bonus, Moonshadow has bundled in The Nubian Dragon Servitor. These are mighty servitor beings that boost any magical operation that you may be doing. They are incredibly easy to create and feed. You can feel a real living entity being created and I can even hear them chomping when you feed them! They are very intuitive beings and very quick learners and extremely loyal. They can learn and execute any ritual you want them to and each servitor will develop according to what you train it to do. There is no limitation to how many you can create and if one does not work well with you, it is easy to banish it. You can now easily build an arsenal of servitors to protect your home or carry out your wishes.


Moonshadow has truly created an amazing package that I believe every modern-day Techno-Shaman should have at their disposal I have noticed putting the image under one of my rads increased the output dramatically! You can feel the field it creates really looking forward to working with prime grid package a lot more, I find the paper rads you create are very powerful and versatile they take up no space at all I have a way better success rate with the paper rads there's no hit or miss with these they are always on target, in the short time I have been using your specialized casters life has changed for the better I can honestly say that The specialized casters are innovative and next-level stuff your one of the best radionics practitioners of our times.”




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