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Lottery Winning

Winning the lottery is possible but it may take many tries. In order to use the law of attraction to bring in what you want into your life you need to project energy into what you desire the more energy the faster it comes to you. In the case of the lottery you may have millions of other people who are also projecting the same energy into the universe so therefore you must send that much more energy out in order to counteract that effect.

Every time I have done this exercise I got numbers that were close but so far haven't been able to get the exact order that is needed to be a winner. Here are some quotes from other Neo users.

"One other thing small but interesting: I used the Neo to ask it for some winning lottery tickets and I placed the current numbers my wife picks on top of the unit I only did this twice I believe. Anyway, a few days afterwards we decided to go to the mall of america in St. Paul and my wife pulled out a bunch of old lotto tickets she was comtemplating whether she should throw them away or not. Then at the last second she said I better check them and after the check she won $18.00! Like I said not alot but she was in the right place at the right time and who knows maybe it will be the jackpot next. Understand this is not our primary aim using this device but it was just a small insignificant experiment and it still tickles us knowing we almost thrown it all away. But that big check we got unexpectly was definitely the NEO at work using synchronocities in our lives.”

"It’s strong and I will be using this device on the show to send you remote healing energy. Used it on my friend and he went temporarily deaf for a few minutes as he went into another dimension. Also tried using it for the lottery my ticket was 1-4-9-4 the actual number was 9-1-5-1."