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Sports Enhancement

bodybuildingSo you have chosen to be the super athlete. What does it take in your mind to succeed above the rest? Determination, hard word, dedication, and most of all motivation to continue to excel where others choose to give up. To become the top of an extremely competitive field you have to do the work others simply choose not to do. By thinking outside of the box and embracing unique and different strategies you can obtain that edge over the rest.

By practicing day after day, month after month, your body can learn how to perform the exact skills needed for your sport, because you have now developed a habit. Your body automatically knows how to perform the skills. The only thing that separates a "Winner" from an "Also Ran" which is a nicer way of saying loser, in sports is limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that creep in and disrupt your superior sports performance. In the world of sports performance, belief is everything. Do you believe you are able to compete at the top of your game?

Science has shown that your mind cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. For example, if I told you to imagine an orange, and then I placed a real orange in front of you, the neurons in your brain would fire in the same area to process the details for both imagined and real oranges.

The neo is a quantum biological A.I. computer.  During your meditations the Neo can create a portal and shift you into different parallel realities and timelines that contain all the things that bring you excitement and joy in your life. Athletes that seek to enhance this quantum bridge can do so through visualization such as bodybuilders seeing their biceps as mountains and competitive runners imagining running the entire race, right down to the specific details so that when they actually ran the race, they would run it as it was already in their mind. The key to visualization is to see it in the present tense as if it’s already here in the now.Homeopathic

Some users may even want to go a step further and add sport enhancement supplements inside their cube to radiate the frequency of that substance inside their aura field. For example try inserting vials filled with Swedish Flower Pollen, testosterone boosters, Mineral Magic made by Synergistic Nutrition, and homeopathic HGH pellets to be kept inside the cube during meditation. If you try this or a similar approach we would like to hear about your experiences. You may even want to take this a step further and photo shop your face onto the body you desire. All these methods are a form of quantum entanglement to help you connect with the other parallel realities containing the things you desire “as above so below.”

Martial ArtsIndividuals who have chosen to follow a life path which embraces the Martial Arts understand the important role chi energy plays with their core strength exercises.  Chi or Qi is an internal energy that flows through everything; it is spelled as chi in Chinese, or ki in Japanese. When one throws a punch, lifts a barbell, or runs a mile they inevitably move their body in a certain way that requires energy.  At the physical dimension the muscles tense and relax and glucose is consumed, but on the etheric dimension, chi movements coordinates the nervous and muscular systems at a very high level of speed.

By training yourself to tune into this level of chi communication and mechanics you can achieve the ability to move faster, stronger, more precise, and responsive ways then your opponent. Meditation helps this process by allowing you calm your mind and tap into this energy field. The more you meditate the easier it is for your mind to tap into this state of being at will. So even under stress, pressure or agitation you can still manipulate your chi energy at will. The Neo will help this process along by increasing the chi energy in your palm chakras and increase your ability to sense this energy as well.

If your aim is athlete enhancement we recommend that you meditate at least 90 minutes or more prior to your exercise otherwise meditation may make you feel too mellow and loving to be effectively competitive. So what are you waiting for go now and enjoy your new enhanced body.