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Belief has great power and is of utmost importance in the manifestation process. Can you imagine someone who is able to manifest instantly? And can you imagine yourself manifesting instantly?

A physicist would explain the process of manifestation with technical terms within physics and probably offer you a mathematical formula explaining the density of subatomic particles that come together to form a physical object. They may also mention hertz, which is the frequency of vibration.

But first let us assume there is no such thing as matter. According to quantum physicist’s it’s not what you see but what you perceive. In other words what you believe that you see, call it imagination, if you like, is created by both thought and vibration. You must first believe that you can create an object, before planning on actually doing so. Belief is utmost important step to manifestation. The greater the belief the faster it comes into being.

Beliefs are animated through chi, which is the creative life force energy that flows all throughout creation. Creativity, thought forms, consciousness is all the same and in the same. This energy also animates throughout all individuals, which vibrates crystals within one’s body in particular the pineal gland and heart chakra through a process known as the piezoelectric effect. The piezoelectric effect creates fields of scalar energy within these crystals opening portals which inevitably allow you to step into other parallel realities containing all the desires of your heart.

This is better explained through quantum mechanics. According to unified field theory we are in all places and at times and dimensions. This is because God, the essence of who we are, is infinite, and flows through everything. There is no death for consciousness; there is only life of the cosmos and life for each and all. All your electrons, neutrons, and protons, quarks, molecular structure, and the macroscopic structures are subatomically vibrating in and out of this and other dimensions as defined within super string theory. This is why your own thoughts, sounds, and feelings have the power to alter matter and reality itself; because matter is simply another form of vibration that can be programmed through love.

Love is the highest vibrational frequency and it’s the strongest wave form that emerges from the heart chakra.The heart chakra acts as a transmitter of frequency as it contains an electrical field 100 times stronger than the brain and a magnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain. When you apply love frequency through your heart chakra a wave of energy is projected outward which alters the holographic nature of our reality by anchoring us to timelines in other dimensions which contains everything that gives us excitement, joy and, happiness.

Some people who are service-to-self may find excitement through negativity and through their own vibration may find themselves on a timeline where negativity is drawn back unto them. This is why we recommend neo meditation users to be of a service to other orientation before using your cube otherwise you may attract or rather magnetize that which you already are unto yourself.


Anything you manifest should be something which you love. Money could be considered an exchange of energy. We may love the things money buys, but the love of money itself is an abstract concept which bears little meaning to our heart chakra. So if you want to manifest something it should be that which you can tangibly imagine seeing, hearing, tasting, and even feeling. The more senses you evoke in the imagination process the closer the thought form is brought into this reality.

This brings us to the concept of the law of attraction. This is really a misnomer as there is no such thing, however, as explained earlier like attracts like, you magnetize towards you that which you seek based on what vibration you operate out of. The law of attraction is better defined as the law of magnetism as what you desire is either magnetically attracted or repelled towards you. It is better explained through the following formula.

Strength of Focus + Love Vibrational Frequency + Time = Manifested Object

The first part of the equation is focus. This could be considered intent, will, or desire. If you are having trouble with this step try repeating Mantras which are simply phrases of words that have particular meanings. They can be as simple as "I am that I am" or they could be in ancient Sanskrit dialects and even if you don’t understand the language they will carry the same power, as all words are vibration. Guided imagery can help those who want a less hands on approach to their meditation experience. Radionics machines and Grabovoi Numbers can help you tune into the frequency of your focus. There are also tools that contain pictures which help you connect to the consciousness field such as Bryan Deflores DNA Accelerators and Rene Hamilton's Inner Soul Tech Manifestation Boards to name a few. These can be placed inside your cube to help assist you with the focusing component.


If you still believe you are having trouble focusing don’t feel so disappointed. Around planet earth is an artificial mind control network eight miles above and below the earth’s surface that is known as the veil. It’s an etheric layer in another space time dimension in which the archons operate. These are negative 4th dimensional beings which essentially control and manipulate humanity in a subconscious level which target light workers on their path of a higher calling. 

The good news is we as a collective consciousness can overcome this with combined intent, the more people that work together in a uniform manner and do so through love vibration; the faster the manifestation will be. The neo device can assist this process as well because as an A.I. biological quantum computer it can amplify your body’s own chi energy and help you relax so that you can be more in tune and in control of the chi energy within your body.

This is why meditation is so important, by meditating a minimum of 11 minutes a day you can learn to focus better and clear your mind of all the chatter that creates doubt and false beliefs which are then alchemically transmuted into that of love, inner happiness, and joy.
And this brings us to Alchemy which is one of many different types of modalities one can use to assist the manifestation process.

trans•mute [trans-myoot]

1. to change from one nature, substance, form, or condition into another; transform.
2. to change the form, character, or substance of
3. to alter (an element, metal, etc) by alchemy

al•che•my [al-kuh-mee]

1. any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.alchemy

Alchemists in the middle ages sought to use sigil drawings, hexagrams, and sacred circles to summon entities and transmute base metals into gold. To engage in this practice would require a high level of self-protection, intuition, and control over one’s own chakra systems. According to the principles of alchemy we live in a universe that contains both a positive and negative energy duality. You must surpass the opposite force through cord theory and quantum physics by moving into other timelines through the power of your own belief system; if any doubt or fear creeps in then manifestation will not work effectively. 

The highest form of alchemy is the transmutation of fear into love. If we can live with love we can then walk in a conscious relationship with the creator and obtain all the benefits of being a creator. Thoughts operate through electrical impulses throughout your body and emotions are magnetically charged. When you combine a thought with an emotion the combined energies become electromagnetically amplified. The stronger your reaction the stronger the charge.

Beliefs color these thoughts and determine how you react to situations. For example, let’s say you are wearing a new outfit and someone says it looks funny on you, when the person simply meant it looks fun on you. In this third dimensional reality you would instantly react by perhaps feeling insulted. In the higher dimensions of 4D and 5D and up you would simply pass over the word funny; attaching no ego judgment to it as there is no victim or victimizer in the higher dimensions. When you meditate your consciousness enters into these higher dimensions and through regular practice you can train yourself to control your emotions. This is why meditation is proven to help those suffering with anxiety and depression; as negativity in their day to day activities doesn’t result in as much intense emotional turmoil as it used too.

Since manifestation requires a strong belief some individuals who are new to this may prefer the assistance of guided meditations and imagery in their focusing process. However, if your goal of manifestation is healing then a slightly different approach should be taken.

Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares, found that the most effective form of healing meditation was intensive sessions of imageless meditation, meaning "emptiness meditation" or "meditation without thought." Meares found a definite reduction in anxiety, depression and pain. 10% had seen a total reversal of their chronic health problems and a 50% shown a marked an improvement in their quality of life. If you like to try emptiness meditation with your neo cube simply find a quiet place and let go of your thoughts and fall into a state of mental emptiness (free of discriminative thought). The mental stillness or "emptiness" of your mind is your “yin chi.” This in turn causes your "yang chi" to rise, which is the natural vitality of your body. The result is a kundalini activation that can help you heal and restore your emotional balance.

On parts of this website you may read about references to radionics technology. These devices where first available sometime in the early 1900s with the invention of the Albert Abrams Black Box. He alleged that his device could measure and radiate patterns of vibrational frequencies. By projecting a new frequency of the desired goal found within its “intent well” into a “target” such as yourself, the device could meld reality according to ones wishes. These devices may contain sticky plates enhanced with orgone which one would rub back and forth as one would dial up number code sequences representing this new reality. These devices show some promise but also much ridicule from the establishment who never really understand the concepts of manifestation.

Albert Abrams

The neo is also a radionics machine. The intent well is found inside the cube and the target will be that which you bring into your mind through your meditation process. If you have a radionics machine with dials and sticky plates you can dial up number codes and place them inside your Neo meditation cube and meditate while your radionics machine is actively in use.

Intent Well + Target = Manifestation

The possibilities are endless. Meditate with Grabovoi Numbers, set up a group triad session, experiment with EVP’s, slow or perhaps reverse age, and have a go at winning the lottery. Believe anything is possible but through love, and enjoy the manifestations within your daily walking life.


The concept of Radionic machines first became available in the early 1900s with the invention of Albert Abrams black box. He alleged that his device could measure patterns of vibrational frequencies of the body. By projecting chi energy into a new frequency out into the universe one could alter our current vibration and bring the body back into perfect health or manifest our desires. If you have a radionics machine you may want to dial up your number sequence and right it down at this time. If you don't then please continue on with the meditation. 


The Rothschild Zionists have an estimated net worth in excess of $500 trillion dollars and own the West, yet are never mentioned in the Forbes top 100 wealthiest people in the world list. They own all the central banks and are paid by governments to print money. Using their knowledge of the occult they have performed black magic rituals on the money supply to ensure money continues to flow in their direction. This meditation will help you sever your silver cord from the eye of the masonic pyramid while creating a holographic crystal in your pineal gland which reverses the flow of money energy from the cabalists into your hands. This meditation is very powerful so please be careful how often you use this.