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Neological Technologies is a division of Transcendent Holdings, LLC. We are dedicated to bringing cutting edge new technologies to the public to help heal this planet.

Phone: 704-763-2895 (unless prior arrangements made via email, office hours are 8 to 9 PM EST.)


James Rink

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 The Neo is a ZPE chi energizer, it has many functions including anti gravity, time travel, and zero point energy. It’s basically a miniature version of the same technology used in alien flying saucers. These designs are being prototyped as we speak and in time will be released to the public, but right now the Neo is designed to be used as a mediation aid to help your body become in tune with the galactic core Schumann resonance.

If you use this device long enough your psychic gifts will begin to open up allowing you to tune into the ZPE vibrational energy all around us. If you use this device long enough you may find yourself able to commune with the spirit, mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms. Levitation, time travel, and telepathy are just some of the abilities that can open up as you begin the ascension process. But don’t ask us get a device and try it yourself.


Neo Meditations, Free your Mind, Universal Knowledge, Healing, Ascension, Empowerment, Neological Technologies.


To assist in the ascension process of humanity by opening up people’s hearts and mind through the use of meditation technology.


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Neological Technologies and James Rink is to be held harmless by all third parties. This is an engineered device built under direction of spirit guides, it is meant for serious knowledgeable individuals who are researchers and or explorers of a realm that is not fully understood. All portals opened and not closed properly is of the owners sole responsibility. You must be of sound mind and body and be willing to accept and differentiate experiences and knowledge normally hidden from the physical science. You accept all liability or benefits as a researcher and or explorer and you are purchasing under the claim and understanding this device(s) is for entertainment purposes. By using and trusting the Neo device completely you agree that you are ready to face your own subconscious vectors and transcend them through the power of meditation.