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Donate Hair

Donate Human Hair

Channeled information from the Guardians of Galactic Federation of Light requested that human hair be placed inside meditation devices, which mimic their meditation tools. The Guardians used human cloning technology and nanotechnology to build a organic life form within their own meditation units. Typically ET are not allowed to share technology with humanity, but because our freewill has been interfered with technology from other races in violation of the prime directive a exception has been made allowing us to create these less advanced version, consciousness energy machines operated entirely  dependent on your own belief system. The Men in Black have analyzed our product and we believe they have determined it to be safe and primitive enough to be released for public consumption.

Hair consists of 45% carbon and includes: Ca, Mg, Sr, B, Al, Si, Na, K, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Ag, Au, Hg, As,Pb, Sd, Ti, W, Mo, I, P, Se. Yes sand and quartz crystal are a great source of silicon, and they can be used for meditation device construction, but according to the Guardians, silicon in hair already resonates at a human frequency, which can become piezoelectrically activated with your own chi energy.  

If you like to donate your own hair which will be used in Neological meditation products. Then please mail your donated hair sample, but no pubic or body hair,  to Neological Technologies, 2330 East 5th Street, Charlotte, NC 28204, USA

Thanks Everyone!