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Question: Why are they so expensive?

Answer: Do to the complex nature of the technology all units have to be hand crafted and Injection molding and crystal stones are also very expensive. We understand your concerns about pricing and are doing what we can to make it affordable for everyone. In the meantime please look at the value that our products can bring you instead of the price, then you will see they are in fact a steal.

Question: I thought these pyramids in my cube were copper plated but all i see is plastic parts?

Answer: The pyramids and spheres contain a mix of copper powder and ABS plastic. This allows us to use more copper then we could if copper was only plated onto plastic, also this mixture helps the units become more affordable.  There are copper metal layers inside your sphere. 

Question: I got a amazing idea for a custom meditation device can you help me?
Answer: Yes for a extra cost we can help you get your custom meditation device design 3D printed into any shape or even with grabovoi numbers.Send us a email on our contact us page. 

Question: I’m really skeptical about these things; there are so many websites selling all sorts of ascension doo-dads what makes you certain this thing works?

Answer: Just click on the user experience page and you can read about all the people who have received amazing benefits from using our technology. It doesn't even matter if you have had little to no meditation experience, meditation benefits people from all walks of life.

Question: I just bought a unit but I don’t feel anything what am I doing wrong?

Answer: Individuals who are new to the sensations of torsion field physics will have to undergo a brief learning period. Typical effects are pulsing sensations, vibrations in your spine or hands, and a warm feeling. If you feel relaxed then it is working. If you think you are still having trouble getting into that relaxed feeling or want to explore deeper meditative states, for a extra cost we can put you in contact with a meditation coach to assist you in opening up your meditation abilities.  Send us a email on our contact us page. 

Question: Why don't I see the Stargate?

Answer: Not everyone has the gift of clairvoyance. But with that said typically it can be described as a point of white light and then many colors. For some users it can take many months of use before even a small glimpse of the star gate appears for a split second. 

Question: In the manual it says “do not use the unit outside or near water.” How come?

Answer: This is so we can warranty your item. If you decide to use it outside or near water that is okay, it’s just that we cannot repair units that were damaged under said circumstances.

Question: I would like to talk to Kosol about a ways to improve the product.

Answer: Regrettably, Kosol is no longer a part of our team. 

Question: Are you hiring?

Answer: Maybe, we are looking for individuals to write up meditations, newsletters, and 3d printed designs.

Question: Are you available for public demo sessions?

Answer: Yes if you like to host an event or seminar please contact us on our contact us page. 

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: Since 2010


Neological Technologies and James Rink is to be held harmless by all third parties. All portals opened and not closed properly is of the owners sole responsibility. By using and trusting the Neo device completely you agree that you are ready to face your own subconscious vectors and transcend them through the power of meditation. This guarantee gives you certain rights and all rights are reserved. As always we offer free support and as with any "spiritual” device static or electronic or otherwise. We encourage you to share your experiences and reserve the right to post your experiences with only your first name and city/state unless otherwise directed in your conveyance. Meditation devices are guaranteed for relaxation purposes only.