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Radionics helps you to project at any distance life force energy to bring about manifestation using a specially designed “black box”. These machines have dials which can be tuned into certain vibrational frequencies such as detecting and treating a disease which then projects into the universe, allowing you to manifest your desires through the law of attraction. Their potential makes them appear magical when considered from the viewpoint of modern science, which is why they are so misunderstood.


Using a radionics machine in conjunction with a Neo can really accelerate your manifestation abilities. The Neo helps you harness and project chi energy and connects you to the zero point and the radionics machine will help you tune into the vibrational frequencies you want to manifest.

The best way to use this technology is to activate your Neo device. Then ask your neo to "harmonize you with the right radionic frequencies." Then turn on your radionic machine, dial up the numbers as directed. Record your numbers on a piece of paper. Then visualize these numbers going into your heart chakra sort of like you do when using Grabovoi numbers. Now see these numbers repeating all over your aura. Then see the numbers inside the star gate inside your neo cube. This is a very powerful meditation and has worked amazing wonders, please don’t abuse this technology.

The cheapest place to get a radionics machine is on ebay , make sure you get one with a numbers dial. But if you are looking for high quality machines we recommend the units created by Karl Welz at and even better the ORG-MAGTRONIC 9000 at