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Lone Wolf - By James Rink - Signed by the Author

LONE WOLF chronicles the alien hybrid super warrior program. Known as a milab or military abduction these experiments are carried out under the direction of the covert government and off world forces who seek to create the ultimate Übermensch, a super human invincible in every way.

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Instantly Transported

"The Neocube is amazing device. It throws me instantly into a deep meditation, the likes of which i have never experienced in my life. WOW.  I never reached the height or depth that im instantly transported to with the neo"

A Sense of Connection

"The meditation cube, whoa. One of the deepest disconnects to rational five sense perception I have ever experienced. A sense of connection so deep my body began to numb as if I was no longer in need of a physical body."

Turbo Button Law of Attraction

"This cube is awesome . I feel it on my hands and eyes calming awareness. I’m really calm. Receiving input “Turbo button for law of attraction.”