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Meditation Consultation Service - Hypnosis Regression


Choose this option to revive 120 minutes of counseling regression with James Rink. Session is through stream yard, link will be provided as you approach your set date. To get the most of your session, pick three topics you want to explore before your appointment. Plan on at least exploring two of them in your session. James will help guide you into a relaxed state of mind to help you channel the answers you seek. Results vary, and dependent on your own DNA activation. The more you access these states of mind the easier is it to retrieve info by yourself. Sessions do not require use of meditation cube but would benefit from one. After you place order send me a email to set up your appointment. Otherwise I will contact you shortly. Please no refunds with consultations .

 As per our privacy policy all of the recorded videos of sessions, consultations, courses or workshops are for client private viewing only, not to be shown to anyone else or shared with others, not to be reproduced and not to be published or distributed physically or digitally anywhere on social media or public media platforms. If any recorded videos of sessions, consultations, courses or workshops are shared or posted anywhere without James Rink’s stated permission then I have the right to seek legal action against such conduct and I will pursue legal action to stop such matters.