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Gatekeeper Codes

Gatekeeper Codes are sacred numbers which are used by Star Command and the Gate Keepers which are benevolent extraterrestrials who use a technology similar to the Neo Gate Key to edit timelines and our holographic 3D reality. These codes are stored in the blue crystal key computers A.I. computers which are giant computers on the extraterrestrial mother ships.

Due to the sensitive nature of these codes and what they can do, no codes will be released at this time. However if you have activated DNA, meaning if you can remote view or are able to clairvoyantly interact with the reality matrix, then you can gain access to these codes. If this is something you like to try to do then begin by activating your Neo Gate Key and follow these steps.

1. “Device activate Star Command prompt (state your name)” If your name is authorized for entry you will then see a computer screen reading either “access granted” or “access denied”.
2. Once in tell the computer to “Upload data access entry blue crystal key code computers”
3. Now search for the file you are looking for. It could be any subject, aliens, government secrets, or integrating your body.
4.  You should see a series of numbers such as [xxx]/x [xxx] upload
5. When you are done state “Log Out”
6. “Device End Session.” Now open your eyes.

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