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It is possible to achieve mutation of your DNA through biogenesis by simply changing your belief systems. When a thought pattern enters into your etheric field of your aura it causes it to change its frequency and vibration which over time can slowly reflect into the physical dimension.

Personalizing your neo device is a great way to enhance your meditations to your own unique specifications. When the chi energy of the cone panels strike the inner contents of the core, the piezoelectric effect from the vibration of your chosen objects inside the cube is amplified and creates a field which interacts with your aura allowing you to tap into this frequency and simulate the same effects.

Examples are numerous; place your favorite crystals in the cube to tap into its frequency. Place homeopathic remedies inside to replicate the same results without having to take anything internally. Place your medical marijuana stash inside, add your own hair to place some of your own frequency inside the cube. Some individuals have placed medicine wheels, crystal skulls, pine cones, and even electronic wires connected to a microphone for evp enhancements. The possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for get your neo now.

Please note neo devices manufactured before November 2013 are not designed to be opened and should not opened without risk of damage. When you purchase your device instructions will be included in the manual along with a tool on how to open and close your unit safely.

Opening Cube