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Learning Resources


Manifest the reality you desire by stepping into the timeline you require.



Corporate Meditation

Increase your workforce health, productivity, and creativity with a neo meditation device.



Sports Enhancement

Mind over matter can help you achieve the body you desire but first you must believe.




Learn how you can enhance your neo device with crystals, charms, and intentions.



South Spin Method

Learn a meditation which treats cancer by spinning molecules in a south spin direction.



Psychic Ability Activation

New to meditation and not energy sensitive? Then try this psychic activation exercise.




Radionics alters your vibrational frequency to manifest the joys of your heart.



Grabovoi Numbers

Regenerate organs, reverse age, resurrect the dead? According to this technique it’s possible.



Transmission Meditation

Step down those higher dimensional frequencies and step into full relaxation.



Gatekeeper Codes

Modifying reality with Gatekeeper codes is an exercise reserved for advanced meditators.




Electronic Voice Phenomenon is a way to commune with beings on the other side.



Triad Meditation

The triad meditation requires multiple users for faster manifestation results.




By accessing your subconscious mind you can tap into the keys that unlock your desires.




Enlarging your DNA telomeres is possible but first you need to change your belief systems.




Meditation allows you to listen to the still voice within and then you will find your gold.



Soul Retrieval

Trauma recovery is possible but one must first unlock layers of trauma to treat the core issue.



Lottery Winning

Winning the lottery requires you to be highly in tune with your spirit guides and higher self.