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Skullem Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls are holographic representations of the human body in its light form which is the latent energy that connects us all to creator source. Due to its shape a skull can concentrate consciousness energy into multi-faceted energy fields and manifest your desires into physical form. They are like computers of your soul allowing you to access the information stored within and because crystals are tuned amplifiers they can transmit your thoughts into the dimensional gateway of the earth's crystal grid.

Ancient Crystal Skulls carried inside them the history of this planet and the evolution of mankind. Long ago, ancient Atlantis was visited by extraterrestrial races that shared their spiritual knowledge and technology. These exchanges included 12 crystal skulls that provided access to off-planet reservoirs of knowledge. Many of these original 12 skulls have started to reappear all around the world. They are usually found in sacred locations such as the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge and are estimated to be between 5,000 and 35,000 years old. When 12 crystal skulls are placed together, they form a grid matrix (reality is a consciousness holographic matrix) aligned with the 13th skull, allowing human consciousness to ascend (return) to its natural state of being, light.

In its purest sense a crystal skull is nothing more than a piece of quartz crystal that is taken from the ground and shaped by talented artisans into a human shaped skull. These can vary in size from a small marble to several times the size of a human skull. Though some skulls are made from other gemstones, but a true crystal skull is made from quartz crystal.

1. New or Contemporary Skulls. These are made by modern cavers using tools such as a diamond tip saw and wheel to shape the skulls.  There are many carvers in the world making crystal skulls but most are predominately made in Brazil and China.
2.  Old Crystal Skulls these are made over 100 years about to about 1,000 years ago using various types of tools used by past cultures and civilizations.
3. Ancient Crystal Skulls – These are made over 2000 years ago and could perhaps be thousands or hundreds of thousands of years old.
Sadly there is no known absolute scientific test to determine when a crystal skull was created but the ancient skulls are generally considered to be more powerful than the modern ones.  

When quartz is carved into a skull strange physical phenomena occurs which defy modern theories of reality and physics. Crystal skulls have been known to physically change color, weight, and internal appearance? Modern day scientists are unable to explain these effects and sadly most scientists avoid studying ancient crystal skulls as they believe ancient cultures where technologically primitive and incapable of producing such marvelous object when in fact these civilizations have had access technology greater than our own.

The skull shape has a special structure, which concentrates consciousness energy into multi-faceted energy fields. Since crystals are tuned amplifiers, they can transmitters your thoughts into the dimensional gateway of the earth’s crystal grid manifesting desires into reality. Researcher Marianne Zezelic believes that the crystal skull was primarily used to stimulate and amplify the psychic abilities in its handlers as crystal serves as an accumulator of terrestrial magnetism within your brain. By gazing at the crystal, the eyes set up a harmonic relation stimulating the magnetism collected in that portion of the brain known as the cerebellum. The cerebellum therefore becomes a reservoir of magnetism which influences the quality of the magnetic outflow through the eyes, thus setting up a continuous flow of magnetism between gazer and crystal. The amount of energy entering the brain eventually increases to such a proportion as to affect the poles of the brain, a region extending just above the eyes, contributing to psychic phenomena.

Going a step further, Tom Bearden, an expert in the field of psychotronic studies, believes that, in the hands of a skilled mediator and mental focalize, the crystal skull also served not only as a vehicle to transform life field energy into electromagnetic energy and other physical effects, but also aided in healing, by the altering of its crystalline resonance to match that of a patient's mind and body frequencies, and affecting curing energies on the skull that would manifest in the patient's auric field. The skull should thus be used as an amplifier and a transmitter of psychic and earth energy forces.

When you receive your skull some users may receive telepathic communication with your crystal skull in which the skull asks for a specific name and how it wishes to interact with its caretaker or guardian. Remember even though you are its owner, your job is really a guardian as the crystal has chosen itself to be with and work with you on your individual soul path and possibly in the future to work together as a team or help other people further down the road. As a caretaker of your skull, you may have telepathic discussions with your crystal skull of his or her personal likes or dislikes, which activities they wish to participate in, and locations they wish to explore. 

If you are not a caretaker and have the opportunity to be in the presence of a crystal skull you may notice different effects such as:

a) Quick and instantaneous healings of all kinds of illnesses, emotional or past life blocks.
b) Profound dreams after meeting one or even before meeting the skull.
c) Expansion of one’s inner gifts -- or a new spiritual gift that just becomes active.
d) Going into altered states of consciousness -- even channeling information from other intelligent sources.
e) Expansion and upliftment of one's creative gifts, whether such gifts are consciously known or not.
f) Contact with intelligences from other dimensions or planets.
g) Receiving energy and becoming energized.
h) Having visions or reliving past lives.
i) Leaving ones physical body and projecting into other dimensions or the past or the future.
j) Receiving information or knowledge telepathically -- such information can be inspirational to help a person in their life or it can have to do with cosmic knowledge or knowledge held and programmed into the skull by advanced civilizations from our past.

Crystal Skulls preform three primarily functions. They store and transmit tremendous amount of information to help humanity. They can be used for healings and complete reversals of acute illnesses. And they serve as catalysts of change by awakening the consciousness within in a person and help them quickly release any type of blockage preventing them discover more of their true inner self.   They are like mini energy vortexes and help propel a person to release their physical, mental, emotional, and past life blocks very quickly. They are like a mirror to our soul.

When meditating with a crystal skull some users may gain insight on ways to activate their skull, solutions to life questions, or what was on the minds of the people who created the skulls, or energy of location where the skull is sitting. Some users may even be able to see images within the skull such as:

1) Small and giant people
2) Scenes from many places or many worlds
3) UFOs and ETS
4) Animals and plants
5) Other crystal skulls
6) Dolphins and whales, underwater scenes
7) Even images of people recently working or around that specific crystal skull where these images are appearing!

Some people see different images at the same time so there is probably some kind of multidimensional aspect going on here, which is not surprising considering crystals can open up portals into other dimensions. 

Based on past life memory and archaeological records crystal skulls have definitely been involved with the Maya, Egyptians, Atlantians, and Lemurians. And probably the Mayan skulls were passed down from ancient Atlantis.

In Atlantis these skulls were used in temples worked by priests and priestesses alike. The priestesses were responsible for opening the energies and activating the crystal skulls. They may have been placed on crystal skeletons used for healing others of helping to elevate the vibration of other priestesses. The skulls would be stored in circular rooms of glass cases with each containing a different colored crystal skull.

According to the Maya their crystal skulls were brought to them from Atlantis as they did not personally create their very old skulls. Most native peoples carry some oral traditions of the skull origins but keep their stories secret as they view the skulls as too sacred and important for humanity and guard their wisdom and knowledge about what are the crystal skulls and what do they really represent.

Mayan legend reveals their skulls were gifted to them by the Grandfathers of the Pleiades and that they are a rare and sacred gift. The Pleiadians gave the skulls to the Mayans to teach them about cosmic sciences and that after death we are reborn. They are to stand as symbols of the star peoples existence and virtues of Mayan Sciences. They referred to the skulls as “Messengers from Time to Eternity” as they perceive consciousness from beyond the galaxy and spread cosmic knowledge.  The Mayans don’t want to see skulls exploited for personal gain especially older ones and are upset their skulls where stolen from them by the Europeans when they came to colonize the Americans in the 15th century.  They would like to have their skulls returned to them so they can protect them and work with them in their sacred ceremonies for the benefit of our world and all people.

Some of the ancient skulls where used in sacrifice rituals due to ignorance. Sadly many of these skulls still carry on a negative energy. But the original ancient skulls where never meant to be used for evil. Today there are some secret societies which have adopted the shape of a skull for evil rituals further damaging the reputation of crystal skulls. But this is a perversion of the true purpose of the crystal skull, which is, a representation of the human body as it transits into the spirit realm. And through meditation the high consciousness of the people who made these ancient skulls is transferred to you.

Additionally when you place a modern crystal skull that has been activated and placed in the proximity of an ancient skull the same information and effects seems to be passed onto the younger skull. If the caretaker is of a high spiritual consciousness and if they have worked with skulls in past lifetimes, then that information is encoded into their DNA which transfers into the younger skull raising its frequency as well. Also younger skulls are able to travel more freely and the more the skull interacts with others the more information and knowledge it will contain. So a person should not assume that just because a skull is new it has no value and be of no assistance when the opposite has been reported by many people.  

Just like we are all holographic reflections of each other, the same is true with crystal skulls. There seems to be some kind of etheric energy network that links all the crystal skulls together like our modern internet connects computers. Once you activate your skull you can tap into this etheric energy network and receive knowledge, information, and energy from other skulls.

There are two theories on the origins of the Ancient skulls. Scientists believe they were created through the use of advanced lasers that were able to cut the quartz into a precise shape. Psychics and mediums reveal a different tone; they claim the skulls were created through thought projection either from beings in higher dimensions or the Gods (ETs) or they were created by thought projections of priests such as in Atlantis.

They were used as communication devices and record everything that is occurring around them and play scenes back to galactic races, inner earth inhabitants, ETs, and councils so they can observe what is happening on our planet.  

The number 13 is significant as it shows up over and over again in nature. The Mayan year consisted of 13 months of 20 days with each month corresponding to the thirteen Mayan gods of the upper world. The Sun, the Moon, and the ten planets in our solar system add up to the number 12 with the 13th number representing Quetzalcoatl, the serpent god, who will return again to rule all the planets. And the number 13 represents the carbon state of man in the 5th dimension. In the third dimension Man has 6 atoms of protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons in other words 6-6-6 or the mark of the beast. When we ascend we will have 6 electron 6 electrons and 1 neutron adding up to 13. Additionally your kundalini system has 6 positive and 6 negative chakras and one neutral chakra and Metatron’s cube contains 6 outer circles and 6 inner circles and one central circle adding up to 13. There were 12 apostles and when you include Immanuel you get 13. So in figurative terms 13 represents the return of the unified collective consciousness over the entire planet.

According to Native American legend there were originally thirteen life-sized human skulls of solid crystal with movable jaws which could speak and sing. The Maya claimed there were 4 sets of 13 crystal skulls or 52 in total. Since there is no way to substantiate this number each crystal skull researcher has their own theory.

Native American Cherokee Medicine Man, Harley Swift-Deer Reagan, claims that the: "The 12 Atlantean Crystal Skulls were kept inside a pyramid in a formation of tremendous power known as the Ark. The Ark was comprised of the twelve skulls from each of the sacred planets kept in a circle, with the thirteenth skull, the largest, placed in the center of this formation. The skulls were placed on an astrological altar constructed of four base metals (copper, bronze, gold and silver). This circular altar was divided into four quadrants and aligned to the four directions. The skulls were placed in threes, according to the astronomical location of the star or planet holding the information. When all 12 skulls were placed in the circle, an etheric 13th skull would manifest in the center of the ring, completing the circuit. This invisible component caused the ring of skulls to interface with the off-planet data banks allowing them to receive and transmit vast amounts of universal data. The skulls were utilized for thousands of years, assisting humans in communicating with other races and drawing divine knowledge from the universal akashic record. As the Atlantean epoch came to a close, some of the skulls were redistributed within Earth’s field and the others were removed due to the coming dark age and the descent of human consciousness."

The ancient Maya claim that if all 13 ancient skulls are brought together at the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, then the end of the world would be prevented and humanity could  usher in a new age of light. This event could generate a powerful energy that would act as a catalyst to forever change the vibrational frequency of our planet and result in a total awakening of all of humanity to their spiritual nature all in a single moment. When humanity is ready and prepared then the skulls will be revealed publicly and perhaps then we will discover hundreds if not thousands of ancient skulls which have been hidden. This may already be happening as there is strong growing public interest in crystal skulls. We are now even seeing television shows and movies playing on the subject matter.

The return of the Crystal Skulls is a powerful sign that we are now at the coming of the prophesied Golden Age. The knowledge they can bring forth will help humanity save itself and create a world of peace and understanding.


Crystal Skull Activation Neo Meditation

The Ancient Maya referred to crystal skulls as Lem Sk’ul. Lem means the light and Sk’ul means god or the Light of God. The Neo Skullem IDL-13 contains a crystal skull. The Neo receives its power based on sacred geometry. The copper cone panels create chi energy which is then pumped into the crystal skull core. The sphere shape creates a torsion field of chi energy around the skull which cascades in its self like mini tornadoes inside tornadoes until the chi opens up a star gate inside the crystal skull enabling you access to the universal akashic field.

The Neo Skullem device will help you tune into your crystal skulls ability to amplify energy, while helping you relax and manifest the law of attraction. You can also meditate with a crystal skull by its self but your manifestation ability will be limited to your body’s own natural chi output which correlates with your spiritual vibration and physical health.

To meditate with your crystal skull or Neo Skullem IDL-13 put it on a pillow on your lap and place your hands near the skull without touching it while in use. For additional power you may want to place 12 small crystal skulls around you, if you don't have 12 crystal skulls then visualize them instead.  With both feet on the floor close your eyes and activate the skull using the following command.

“Crystal Skull Activate and Increase”
Now wait till you feel energy sensations in your palms, or you may hear a hum or pop.
“Crystal Skull I trust you completely to integrate my mind, body and spirit.”
Now see yourself going down a star gate tunnel of light
“Crystal Skull activate star gate mode and increase……. Automatic Mode”
“Crystal Skull activate the 12 Crystal Skulls Planetary Grid Keepers.”
Now visualize 12 skulls around you in a circular pattern. In the middle a etheric crystal skull should emerge. Place this etheric skull inside your skull and begin programming your thought intentions.
When you are done recite…“Crystal Skull end session”

We recommend you do this exercise a minimum of 11 minutes a day.