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What Customers Are Saying About Us

Charlene - Contact with our Star Brothers
"My device helps me feel great."
Amelia - Blue Beings
"I can really see the stargate. I love these things"
Maxwell - World Peace Fire Ceremony
"I have spent hundreds of dollars on crystals, the lowest grade neocube was more powerful then all them. It empowered me in many ways."
Rocky - Experience with the Neo Meditation Cube
"This Cube has helped me alot. I got more positive thoughts."
Zulie - Meditation New York City
"i have experienced peace and tranquility. I am much more positive. Its the best device i have ever brought in my whole life."
Terry - Enhanced Intuition
"The cube has helped my inner conversations to become more synchronistic in reality."
Asha - Traditional Shiva Meditation
"I saw Saint Germain's purple energy around my meditation device."