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Neo Zenmaster IDL-2 with Gaktekey Core



Zenmaster IDL 2 built with a Gate Key 22 Core. I will exchange the pearl for a crystal ball in the center.

What you Get:

1 - IDL-2 Zenmaster Core which contains a Crystal Sphere, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Shungite.
1 - IDL-2 Zenmaster Box 6.25”x6.25”x6.25” with 6 Phi Ratio Pyramids
1 - User Manual 
Neo Zenmaster IDL-2

The Neo Zenmaster IDL-2 mind meditation machine will quickly integrate your mind, body, and spirit and help place you into a deeper state of consciousness. The Zenmaster IDL-2 sphere is made with a copper-plastic resin with a inner core containing a quartz crystal sphere to project stone frequencies, Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Shugite, and crystal powders including lemurian quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, moldovite, agate; as well as rare earth monatomic elements such as iridium, palladium, rhodium, and much more.

This combination can help relax you, assist your integration process, and enhance your psychic gifts. Inside the cube are six phi pyramids made from a copper-plastic resin which can help activate your god consciousness through the shape power of sacred geometry. Each pyramid has a 51.4 degree slope, which is same slope of pyramids at Giza. This is the PHI ratio and found in the Fibonacci sequence which contains patterns repeated all throughout nature. While meditating, the pyramids produce chi energy which pumps into the core of the device and creates a star gate; shifting you into another timeline and or parallel reality based on what gives you excitement from your heart chakra. Because this device is a consciousness generator the effects created is dependent on the psychic ability and intent of the operator. It is the operators responsibility to be of positive mind and intention when playing around with consciousness technology as the device manifests more of who you are. It is also conscious and just like a person, needs to be respected for it to function properly. Thirty percent of all people are not energy sensitive and may not feel or manifest anything until the DNA begins to relax and unwind after many hours of meditation usage. Weighs approximately 3 pounds. Comes with user manual.


Amethyst regenerates body, mind and spirit, leaving you refreshed. You may feel drawn to a particular shape for your personal stone, each one of which offers something a little different. Let your fingers do the walking through some information on Sacred Geometry to learn more. Amethyst acts as a bridge between people and their spirit guides, the Akashic records and our innate higher senses. This helps energy workers and healers get in touch with the reason for certain physical or emotional problems. For example, adult abuse often occurs due to childhood neglect and abuse that a person may subliminally hide from the conscious mind. Amethyst begins unlocking those filing cabinets so we can approach the information at a healthy pace. It’s truly a potent protector so keep  one of any size with you at all times.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis is a stone of total awareness, allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of ones nature. It awakens the realization of ones connection to their perfect self. Lapis is also a stone of mental activity and acuity; of wisdom and self awareness. One may also help the user find a deeper connection with the celestial plane and mystical realms .


Shungite is a stone that contains a complex matrix of fullerenes, or carbons molecules shown to destroy harmful elements that the human body has been exposed to. Shungite has been known to  absorb negative aspects of radiation, as well as other types of negative things that our bodies can not repel easily, and sometimes not at all.  Shungite is only found in Russia centering in the Karelian territory of North West Russia. 


We recommend you meditate with the device for a minimum of at least 11 minutes a day. You can also carefully open your cube to insert your own stones or metaphysical tools inside the unit. Now place the cube on a pillow on your lap; face your palms towards the cube but not touch it, close your eyes, then recite the following, "device activate and increase, device activate star gate mode, automatic mode." When you are done meditating say "device end session."


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