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Online Meditation Training Sessions with the Infinity Master

$1,200.00 $1,888.00

10 - One hour meditation sessions with the Infinity Master Meditation Coach.
1 - Free Neologicaltech Neo Skullem Cube

Are you seeking a state of deep relaxation? Or, would you like to learn more about your meditation goals. Many users would struggle with achieving a state of deep relaxation. But with help from the Infinity Master progress can be increased many fold. Users can look forward to accessing more of their etheric DNA and becoming more well adjusted in their day to day life. Thanks to the guidance of the Infinity Master it is possible to achieve deeper states of consciousness through the proper operation of your cube .

Session can be recorded by the user with Zoom or Skype chat. Email us if you already own a cube or if you like a different cube for a special offer price. If you would like one session and no cube for $180 please send us a email for a paypal invoice.

As a special bonus the Infinity Master will guide you :

1. Breathing Techniques 
2. Dream Interpretation
3. Intuition Development
4. Grabovoi Number Integration
5. Manifestation Connection
6. Symbol Archetypes
7. KISS Meditation Method
8. Guided Meditations