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Neo Monastery IDL-22 - Manifestation and Abundance


Please note: this item may take 4 to 6 weeks to assemble especially if you are requesting customization. I will send you a email if there is any delays in this product.

Get your own personal monastery!

What you Get:

1 - User Manual
1 - IDL22 Monastery Box 6.25”x6.25”x6.25”
6 - Phi Ratio pyramids gilded with 24kt gold
1 - IDL-22 Monastery Core which contains the following items:
1 - Blue Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst 
1 - Andara Crystal
1- Shungite Crystal
1- Psychic Activator Stones including; Citrine, Green Peridot, Yellow Apatite, Blue Azurite, Purple Sugilite, Auralite-23
12 - Aaron's Breastplate Stones
1 - Sterling Silver 24kt Gold Plated Ankh Pendant
1 - Biotheric Energy Medicine Disc - Removes Negative Imprints and Contracts
1 - Grabovoi Manifestation Well
13 - Quartz Crystal Skull Set ( Additional Cost)

Neo Monastery IDL-22

The Neo Monastery IDL-22 meditation cube was designed based on specs from Saint Germain. The Monastery sphere core contains a Blue Diamond, Purple Amethyst, and a Red Ruby along with a 24kt gold plated Ankh pendant, Biotheric Energy Medicine Disc, Aaron's stones, Andara Crystal, and Shungite and much more all inside a IDL22 layered core consisting of gold, platinum, silver, copper, and aluminum. Saint Germain was known as the 'Wonderman of Europe.' He was known to write with both hands at the same time, he could teleport, turns rocks into diamonds, and lead into gold. He sported a magical elixir of life which allowed him to never to age past the age of 30. According to Germain, “It is the activity of our nerves, the flame of our desire, the acid of our fears, which daily consume our organism. He who succeeds in raising himself above his emotions, in suppressing in himself anger and the fear of illness, is capable of overcoming the attrition of the years and attaining an age at least double that at which men now die of old age.” And now with your own personal monastery you can attain increased power to access treasures once thought to be impossible. 

Additionally your device contains six 24kt gold gilded plated pyramids which will help activate your god consciousness through the shape power of sacred geometry. Each pyramid has a 51.4 degree slope, which is same slope of pyramids at Giza. This is the PHI ratio and found in the Fibonacci sequence which contains patterns repeated all throughout nature. These pyramids produce chi energy which pumps into the core of the device and creates a star gate; shifting you into another timeline and or parallel reality containing the desires of your heart. Gold gilded cones are higher vibration, enhancing health and manifestation. Because this device is a consciousness generator the effects created is dependent on the psychic ability and intent of the operator. It is the operators responsibility to be of positive mind and intention when playing around with consciousness technology as the device manifests more of who you are. It is also conscious and just like a person, needs to be respected for it to function properly. Thirty percent of all people are not energy sensitive and may not feel or manifest anything until the DNA begins to relax and unwind after many hours of meditation usage.

Unit Core

The monastery core contains a blue diamond which is the frequency of wealth, value, and energy transmission. This along with a combination of Amethyst and Ruby will allow your monastery to decode and energize the transmissions within your meditation experience. According to Saint Germain this configuration will help calm our minds, activate our DNA, and allow users to synchronize to the wisdom of the ruby ray and the coordinate systems of cosmic energy from Orion. For stronger transmissions we recommend that you face the north star system of Orion during your meditation and visualize your desired manifestations inside a dodecahedron.The core also contains Aaron's Gemstones, Andara Crystal, Ankh Pendant, Shungite, Six Psychic Stone Set, Biotheric Energy Medicine Disc all inside a 3d printed sphere with Grabovoi Numbers.

Grabovoi Number Manifestation Well

Grigory Grabovoi is a Russian Doctor of Mathematics, psychic, and healer who developed a system of manifesting using numbers as described in his book "Salvation and Harmonious Development" of all beings. The monastery core contains the Grabovoi number 519 7148 to connect you with "All Things Are Possible", and 318 798 "Financial Abundance."

Biotheric Energy Medicine Disc 

Dr. Gary Kersey came up with a method of teaching patients how to help themselves using a form of quantum entanglement. He found certain flower essences with regenerative or meditative frequencies can help reset the bodies own vibration and bring about a integration process. The disc inside the monastery core will help you release negative soul attachments and self limiting patterns so you can become the best person possible. If you have some other health issues or seeking to manifest abundance we can include discs to your requirements please send us a email for a custom price quote.

Aaron's Gemstones

The 12 stones on Aaron's breastplate was used as a way to channel entities. These stones are Sard, Peridot, Emerald, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Hyacinth, Agate, Amethyst, Chrysolite, Carnelian, Jasper. Priests would line all 12 stones up and when you gazed through all 12 stones entities would appear and provide messages from the other side. Likewise the vibration frequency of these stones inside the cube can help you contact the astral realm during your meditation to help aid you in the answers you seek.

Andara Crystal

Andara crystals first originated in the High Sierras of Northern California following an earthquake in the mid-1960's. It is believed they were created through an interdimensional energy implosion in a no-time hyper dimensional field by beings known as the "Time Walkers." They are composed on monoatomic glass which is the etheric state minerals before it entered this third dimensional reality of duality, or more specifically, meditating with these stones will create a kinsothemitic time continuum (a moving time field) which is not constricted or affected by Earth's positive/negative polarity field. This will help bring love into your life and lives of those all over the world in a giant manifestation wave of wellness.

Ankh Pendant

Inside your core is a sterling silver 24kt gold plated Ankh pendant. After Atlantis was destroyed due to experiments and the misuse of powers; groups of inhabitants fled to other continents. The Atlanteans arriving in Egypt brought with them the Atlantean Ankh and the knowledge of the effect of this geometrical form with them. The Ankh symbolizes life and has a "human" form to it, with its head, arms, and body; it holds both the female energy (circle at the head) and the male energy (extending legs or phallus). Thus it reflects the basic Polarity of Existence. We are all polarized between gathering within the psyche or soul (the female circle) and radiating out into physical "reality" (the male focused line). By focusing and transmitting of these various energies a user can enhance the healing process of the mind, body, and spirit.


Shungite is a rare stone that originates from the Karelia region in Russia. The stone contains Fullerenes which are know to strengthen the immune system , contribute to youthful appearance, relieve rheumatic pains and headaches, help to cope with insomnia, stress and depression, and protection from harmful EMF radiation. Shungite is sometimes called the "Stone of Life" due to it's healing and antibacterial properties as well as its ability to alleviate a wide variety of physical complaints such as heart difficulty, allergies, skin diseases, arthritis, hair and skin rejuvenation. "Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates the growth. Amazing rock: it kills and devours anything that harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is good. The scholars who have studied shungite in one voice declare, it is a miracle! " - From the book by A. Doronina "Shungite - the stone-savior"

The Fullerene is one of 4 known crystalline modifications of carbon (except diamond, graphite and carbon). Only recently discovered, fullerenes were among the scientific sensations of the 20th century. A fullerene is any molecule composed entirely of carbon, in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid or tube. Fullerenes in our bodies behave as the most powerful and most long acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. It is a natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity against many illnesses and diseases and suppresses the development of many allergies and systemic illnesses.

The Fullerenes react readily and at a high rate with free radicals in your body, which are often the cause of cell damage or cell death. They are known to behave like a "radical sponge" as they can sponge-up and neutralize 20 or more free radicals per Fullerene molecule and have shown performances 100 times more effective than the current leading antioxidants such as Vitamin E . The major advantage of using Fullerenes as a medical antioxidant is their ability to localize within the cell to mitochondria and other cell compartment sites, where in diseased states the production of free radicals takes place. Fullerenes are water insoluble and when used in cosmetics help to negate the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.

Additionally inside the core of your cube is Bismuth which helps promote concentration, visualization, and shamanic journeying. It helps move reality from chaos to order and promote cooperation in groups and relationships. All of these stones are found within your IDL22 layered core consisting of gold, platinum, silver, copper, and aluminum . Each unit contains human hair from psychic individuals fortified with our proprietary mix of crystals including lemurian quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, moldovite, agate; as well as rare earth monatomic elements such as iridium, palladium, rhodium, and much much more. The core is surrounded by multiple layers of crystal powders . For added power the cone panels are gilded with 24kt gold for a higher vibration.

Psychic Activator Stone Set

Enhance your psychic intuition.

Citrine Quartz 
Green Peridot
Yellow Apatite
Blue Azurite
Purple Sugilite

Citrine Quartz 

Quartz has strong amplification abilities, and most people are aware of the energy emitted by this lovely yellow stone. One of the less well known Citrine properties are their strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety. By allowing you to let go of your fear it may aid you to be able to accept into your life the good that is coming your way. Citrine will aid you to boost your imagination.For aiding you to be able to better imagine anything you desire, it will open up the third eye chakra and aid you to think more clearly. This opening may be powerful as Citrine Crystals have the effect of deepening your level of mental clarity and accelerating spiritual vision. 

Green Peridot

Peridot gemstones resonate with the frequency of increase, so it is a noteworthy gemstone for manifestation of all desired things. It may increase confidence and assertiveness, balanced by patience and clarity of thought. It is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness. This lovely green stone helps you to be aware of the perfection of your physical body, and to appreciate the beauty of the earth on which we live.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite promotes prosperity. The energy of the color yellow makes this a helpful manifestation crystal. It will enhance manifestation, and its action to activate the solar plexus, also known as the seat of the will. This energy may aid you to strengthen your willpower, and may also help you to become more assertive and confident, and its energy may aid you to discover what you really want in life. Its action within both the third and second chakra is an excellent aid for helping weight loss. It is a fire element stone and has strong metaphysical properties that strengthen mental clarity. Helps to neutralize any anger, as well as to infuse you with greater self confidence and courage. It also enhances your feelings of self-worth, and it will help you to have a more positive and enthusiastic outlook on life and may help you overcome shyness. Useful to boost the manifestation of money or other forms of prosperity, that you feel are desirable in your life. It is a helpful stone to heighten your individual attraction or appeal, and it may assist you to develop inspired ideas. This makes it a favorable adjunct when you are starting a new business, and need to develop ideas to make it financially viable. Like many yellow stones, it has a male or solar vibration.

Blue Azurite

Helps to enhance mental clarity and stimulate the mind and attune it to spiritual guidance. This is a stone of insight and inner vision, and this makes it an excellent stone to use in meditation and develop your psychic abilities.

Purple Sugilite

One of the strongest crystals to wear to give protection from negative entities, and its energy helps to remove negative attachments. If you have emotional problems it is an asset to use, as it is strongly nurturing. It assists you to let go of worry, and it stimulates positive feelings that help you to let go of stress. These beautiful purple crystals accelerate positive feelings that aid the release of stress, and bring peace of mind, calmness and emotional healing.


Auralite 23 is so named because it has 23 different mineral energies, primarily Amethyst and Citrine and gets the majority of its energy from the Violet colored quartz it contains. Auralite-23 stimulates higher awareness and telepathic connection with one's guides and guardian spirits, according to Robert Simmons, the author of "The Book of Stones."

13 Crystal Skulls Upgrade Option

For an additional price upgrade your order with a set of 13 quartz crystal skulls about 1" in size each. They will each come individuality wrapped in its own velvet sachet bag. You can place these inside your cube or on your chakras or near your pineal gland while meditating, however just like the Neo you shouldn't touch your crystal skull while meditating.

Clear Quartz is a powerful all-purpose stone that amplifies thought, energy and intention by raising our vibration and consciousness. Clear Quartz acts like a radio receiver to enhance intuition and clear guidance, opening the crown chakra to connect with divine guides. Quartz is a powerful magnifier, which makes it a great stone for working with the Law of Attraction by amplifying your intentions for receiving or projecting healing, abundance, insight, intuitive guidance, and for connecting with other dimensional planes of experience. When a Crystal is carved into a skull its unique shape can concentrate Kozyrev’s time energy in which consciousnesses effects time density, in other words editing timelines. These crystal skulls have been energized with the Crystal Skull Andraka which was activated on Mount Shasta.

Weighs approximately 6 pounds.

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